I love the fact that you are in my life, but I hate the fact that you became my all.
I want to cherish you, but my mind is trying to free itself from the future shackles of being bound by your love.
The smile, the tears, and everything in between. Let it be the testament to all of our precious memories.
But that alone is not enough.
As every clock ticks, as every second passes, I am engaging in a battle with myself.
It is a battle that must be won.
A battle that must be conquered.
A battle that must convey my true feelings.
As I lay close to victory, a whisper softly echoes throughout my conscience.
A whisper ever so soft, but yet so sharp.
It’s telling me to close the door.
It’s telling me to stay in the dark abyss – that which we call ‘freedom’.
Freedom to think for yourself.
Freedom to do what you want.
Freedom to live your life as you choose to.
But in realty, what is freedom?
What does it truly signify and represent in my life?
The happiness, the light, the thing that gives me true meaning.
That which truly illustrates my soul.
As I dive deep within myself and try to see what is the source of my being.
I always come to the same conclusion.
Ah, I see. You were the pillar supporting me.
You were the shadow that laid witness to my achievements.
You were my – Freedom.
This truly scares me.
The us I visualize is starting to fade.
It is starting to transform into this distorted picture I never wished I envisioned.
The pain has started to ease as everything becomes brighter.
This light.
This brightness.
My future.
That which defines my true purpose.
That which depicts my path towards success.
The long fought battle has finally ceded, and it is time.
It is time to break free of these shackles and embrace the world for what it is worth.
It is time to be Free.