Don’t Forget Me

It all started with a simple smile
Fades away the dark and makes it all worthwhile
So innocent yet so pure
My breath of fresh air, mi aire fresco, my cure
Brings in the ray of hope
Lighting up my heart
Fantasizing about a future where we are never apart
Something I’ll treasure forever
Each and every day
Along with the blessing of god
As you take my breath away
Just staring at you all day was never a chore
It became something to look forward to; Something I truly adore

It became more than a day to day – it became a prize
Something I can anxiously wait for all day – from sunset to sunrise
Finishing work up as fast as I possibly can
Just to hop in the car and fly to you like superman
Even in the freezing cold, parking miles away
With no hesitation, just with your presence to keep my will at bay
I gladly moved mountains and tore apart skies
Gladly boasted to everyone about having you by my side
You became my pillar of hope and I became your rock
As time moved on, the more I wish it would never stop
But as we all know, no-one is perfect, nothing is always right
Just as there is sun in the day, there is also the moon at night
Perfectly imperfect, is what we always say
Just don’t forget me, please just don’t lock me away
Keep what we have in the back of your heart
Not asking you to trust what I say but please don’t tear it apart
Everything I have done for you came out of my soul
I have never asked for anything in return even if it took on my body a heavy toll
Never complained and always put you first
But I guess nothing I say matters anymore since that bubble burst

I hope you can forgive me, as I am trying my best
Please believe in the words I asked you in December when I confessed
This is a huge setback, yes I know
But I am trying to do everything in my willpower to create a rainbow
Adding a little color to our lives since it completely turned monotone
I will always be me, the before, the after and I will never leave you alone
Don’t forget me, don’t forget who I really am
I have proven to you by staying by your side when no-one else gave a damn
Stood next to you holding your hand
While the world burned alongside us and as we sank in the quicksand
I chose to accept you and only you for who you really are
I hope you will always remember that as we both heal from this scar
I will always be here to help you out – through thick and thin
Whether we are in this journey together or going our separate ways in a different skin
I promised in the beginning that I want to see you grow
Whether thats personally or professionally, so don’t feel shy to let me know

Things may be hard to swallow now as we try to advance
But I will try everything in my power to make it up to you if you just give me the chance
I want to see you smile
I want to see you full of joy
But Here I came along, with the wrong interpretation as if the only thing I can think of was “destroy”
I ruined our best chance to having the perfect life
Yes i know that all too well
But I just cant imagine a world without you
It oozes out of me starting from my bones down to my nerves even to my cells
Everything in me screams and yearns just for you
All the pictures, videos, memories and experiences we have been through
They were real. They actually occurred.
Please don’t forget me. I love you. I mean that word for word.