Collision of Voices

Alone in the world again
Piece by piece leaving breadcrumbs for another to find
Looking for someone to offer you a different world
That was your problem
What did I do wrong?
What was I missing ?
What was I looking for ?
You let go of everything that made you happy
Receptive to change, you chased everything that was new and foreign
You looked scared
Scared of complacency
Scared of commitment
Scared of sharing your heart
You flew away
Distanced yourself to the point where you were alone
Surrounded by nothing but regret
That was your limit
Was it not enough?
Was it too much?
Was I the problem?
When your vision began to narrow, your choices became limited
Your bad decisions accumulated and you were left with nothing
You looked confused
Confused of what you have
Confused of what you need
Confused of what you want
You loved being wild
You found pleasure in not worrying about the next day
You enjoyed living life precariously
That was your major flaw
How can I get her back?
How can I better myself?
How can I be the man she is looking for?
There is nothing I can do to change you
Live your life to the fullest
I just have to accept the way you are
Take control of your actions
I will just have to accept your flaws
Don’t lessen yourself for others
I wish you eternal happiness
Don’t look back