As time flies, love gets stronger
but sadly, it’s just a one way street
It has always been like this between you and me
It’s either the kitchen is dirty, the clothes are not washed
I’m tired of eating and being wary of all the different costs
It’s just too much. You just don’t love me anymore
It’s just a constant battle with you and I’m the prisoner of war
I’m always trying to please you, always trying to make you smile
but you always compare me to your friends and their luxurious lifestyle
I want to keep this relationship alive so I bottle it all in
curving all these other girls trying to come in
they say all the right things, treat me the right way
but it always comes down to your words and what you might think
I’m just an empty canvas sitting here waiting for that moment
that moment where I become complete
But it takes time, but thats okay
As long as in the end, I get to be drawn on with your ink
It’s a thorny path, one that surely no one wants to take
Except for me, but I guess I’m just blinded by your presence
It’s so bright yet so far, but I guess it’s time to put an end to this
Press on that emergency break; it’s time to make myself happy for once
It’s time to be me, and embrace life with all it’s warmth
It’s time become stronger
It’s always about you, and I ultimately end up disregarding my feelings
My inner conscience always bubbles as I constantly hear this voice asking me questions
Will she be okay with me trying to find my inner self?
Will she be alright with me finding happiness?
Wait, when did this become a world about her?
When did this become an express line to a life without progress?
These are the questions I have to ask myself
These are the stepping stones to what I truly want
Yes she may be a big part of it, but it’s time to try a different font
A different style, to go with a different story
A different path that leads to undeniable glory
A trajectory to follow without any turbulence
A fearless life without you giving it purpose any longer
It’s time to conjure up my confidence open up that door
I’ll do myself the honor and without a doubt become stronger

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